Friday, May 2, 2008

Starter Mode 1


If your reading this then I wonder who you are. Do you know your identity? Are you connected? Are you connected to your friends...your family? Are you connected to you ? Heh, please dont get frusterated with the questions...Its all in fun I suppose.

Tomorrow is my twenty-first birthday... Hmh... Another number I guess. The lady thats suppose to help organize my bday has bailed on me...Oddly enough I kind of predicted this outcome...Either way, my fiancee has assured me that we will have fun. Tonight our friend Dot and her sister are taking us to a Japanese Stake house for dinner...I've never been but im willing to try. The prices arent cheap though...I pointed it out when she informed the two of us of the location. She merely stated that this is why we have birthdays and to not worry about it. So I shall attempt to put it out of mind...This is going to be different.

At the moment we are awaiting a realtors call to see if a house we are interedted in is still on the market...The only down fall of it is that the house is kind of....incomplete to say the least...Some holes in the wall, wires poking out, no refrigerator or toilet or sink in the secound bathroom.... No fans either...but it looks nice enough and even has a fire place. Were already approved for a loan so now its up to us to find a place and call it home... Heres hoping.

Well I best log off for now, were suppose to meet with Dot @ 430...

~Until the connection is complete once more.~
Unknown typist M